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Friday, November 18th, 2011

I have taken a long and fruitful hiatus from blogging and all things social media over the past months.  Why?  I needed to regroup, reorganize, reenergize and get some inspired fire back into my creative work.  I went to Italy to paint and look at landscapes with a dear friend.  I have been drawing a lot by hand.  I convinced my husband that the best use for our garage is to house my sample library which had previously been stashed in various places.  I have learned to love and appreciate the early morning outings with my dog as a time for awakening and preparing for the day ahead.  I have been pouring through books and magazines looking at images that make my heart sing.  And (more on this soon) I have been making daily pilgrimages to the 6-acre plot of land my husband and I bought cheap cialis north of Boulder to daydream about the new house we will soon build.  Now I’m ready to come viagra free trial pack back, to start blogging again, and to share lots of new work.

I’ve been wondering where to start for weeks, so rather than trying to find the perfect thing to reemerge with, I’m just going to begin by sharing what’s on my mind today, right now.  I got my hands on a beautiful new book, called Private Paradise: Contemporary American Gardens by Charlotte M. Frieze.

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It’s full of gorgeous imagery and interesting projects, but most significant for me was an introduction to the work of Ten Eyck Landscape Architects.  I had loosely heard of their work in the past, but never really looked at it.  This morning I took some time to admire their portfolio.  And on the subject on making one’s heart sing, Ten

Eyck’s West TX Ranch imagery sure does it for me.

Don’t you just want to be there?

One Response to “kr design co BLOG: new inspiration”

  1. Julia Ingersoll says:

    Dig it!
    Gorgeous integration of interior and exterior space…Hmm, was someone influenced by a recent trip to Big Sur where everything is glass and wood? Where sky reflects water, and water, sky?
    Thanks for sharing the immediacy of your perceptions– this is my favorite type of blog to read. It inspires one to get inspired.
    And all the images read: Expansive mind//open heart.
    Can’t wait to see what you build next!